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Delivering direct from Vegas Expert Wagering Picks in the NFL and College Football. With knowledge and experience thats second to none, and of the most respected members of the Las Vegas Sports Handicapping Community. Our ALOGORITHM has been tested and PROVEN! We have supplied these picks for years to the private sector. NOW WE ARE OPENING IT UP TO THE PUBLIC. ENJOY!



Why us?  There is one simple reason to choose our service over some of our competitors. We take sports investing serious! A number of you visiting this site will ask yourself if this is just another handicapping service selling picks? Let us prove to you why we are so much more than a handicapping service.


We have developed a proprietary algorithm that helps us identify the games that you can gain an edge on. The bookmakers have made a very good living releasing “information” on games that push handicappers and the average public the way they want you to play. We take the “emotion” and “research” out of the equation therefore giving us the necessary edge needed to win.


Our Service plays may not always be the sexiest play and will leave some of you scratching your head on how we identified that game. And that’s what makes this service different. It’s not just about what sells its about picking the winning side so everyone sleeps good at night.


Check out our CONCIERGE SERVICE it's as special as they come and our most popular service. You pick the games that matter most to you and let us help you invest in the winning side. It's always more fun watching the game if you are winning!



We are confident in our abilities to give you The Best Sports Advice. Lets us help you take the guess work our of the equation!